Friday, January 8, 2010

Pick Cloth Diapers

We recently had the chance to shoot a 30 second Short Film with the help of a talented filmmaker in a local public Arboretium. Our whole family enjoyed the beautiful weather that day we could not be more pleased with the finished product!

We love to conduct buiness and market our boutique with eco-minded and efficient business practices, and this film shoot was no exception.

The entire shot was completed using natural sunlight and a vintage Super 8mm camera that runs only on small batteries. No power cords, no generators, no big lights, or flashy equipment. The Super 8mm film created a "home movie" and "organic" feel. The diapers were hung with clothespins used in our display at the Green Street Fair last May. The music chosen by the director features a local recording artist.

The “picking” represents making a careful choice, the choice that is right for both
your baby and the Earth, the choice to cloth diaper, and the choice to shop at Bebeology.

The products featured in this short film are Speesees Organic Onesie, Organic Moby Wrap in Celery, Organic Moby Baby Legs, bumGenius and Blueberry Cloth Diapers

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